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Common Paper Wasp (Polistes omissus)

This is one of the two species found on the Maltese islands. These wasps tend to build a small nest which can be found in rubble walls or prickly pear leaves.  The males have curved […]

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Another Ant

This is yet another shot of an ant.  I regret that I don’t have any information about the species of this ant.  

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Cuckoo Wasp Accepted at the 47th Annual National Photographic Competition 2012

A 30×40 color print of a cuckoo wasp I photographed was accepted to be displayed at the 47th National Photographic Competition and Exhibition which will be organized by the Malta Photographic Society.  This exhibition will […]

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Large Yellow-banded Scolid Wasp (Megascolia flavifrons)

A wasp I photographed lately. This is the largest wasp found on the maltese islands and the female of this wasp can attain a 4.5cm body length. The female uses her sting to paralyze the […]

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Bumble Bee

A bumble bee I managed to capture with a mobile phone.

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