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22-spot ladybird (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

The 22 spot ladybird is a 3-5mm long ladybird commonly found in Europe. Unlinke most other ladybirds which feed on aphids, this ladybird eats mildew especially from umbellifers and low growing shrubs.

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22-spot Ladybird larvae (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

These ladybirds are yellow with 22 black spots and are non-predatory.  They like to eat mildews and other microscopic fungi that grow on plant tissue. They are found in England and some Mediterranean countries. 

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Red Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina grossa)

Chrysolina Grossa is a species of broad shoulder beetles belonging to the family Chrisomelidae, subfamily Chrisomelinae. This species is found in the western part of the Mediterranean and former Yugoslavia. The drops on the beetle […]

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Yellow False Blister Beetle (Oedemera brevicollis)

This species is usually found on flowers especially that of the Wild Artichoke. These beetles are highly desired by gardeners as biological control agents of a number of pest insects.  They can serve as minor pollinators […]

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Rhinoceros Beetle (Phyllognathus excavatus)

The male of this species has a horn like that of a ‘rhino’. These beetles can grow to approximately 3cm or a bit more.  I tried to diffuse the light as much as possible to be […]

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