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Spotted Fly (Anthomyia pluvialis)

  These rather ordinary looking flies are very similar to house flies. The adults feed on pollen nectar at umbelliferous and other flowers. Larvae can be terrestrial or semiaquatic and show a wide range of […]

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Back this summer, I found this dead mosquito.  I took the opportunity to put it on a white background (again) and photographed it with a tripod on different focal lengths.  Finally I just stacked the […]

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B&W Spotted Fly (Anthomyia pluvialis)

A shot of a spotted fly converted to black and white.

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Tachinid Fly (Cylindromyia sp.)

A tachinid fly I photographed lately.  Will update its information as soon as I can.

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Robber Fly with prey (Cerdistus erythruroides)

A robber fly that I spotted today while on the field.  Fortunately enough this time I caught this interesting fly with prey.

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Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

The Asian tiger mosquito or ‘forest mosquito’ is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Southeast Asia. However in the past couple of decades this species has invaded many countries. Aedes albopictus is an […]

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Caper Plant Fly (Capparimyia savastani)

This fly is found flying on Caper plants, laying its eggs inside the flower buds where the larvae develop. It is found on the wing in the summer and autumn months.  This species is found […]

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Fly – Need ID

Another type of diptera I found in my backyard, will update when I find out what type of  fly this is.

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Night Fly

I found this fly during the night.  It was staying still which gave me some the opportunity of photographing with flash a couple of times without flying away. This shot was taken with a diffused […]

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A hoverfly I captured on a wooden table.  The hoverfly was attracted to the water on the table and stopped by for a drink. This image was taken with a Canon 450D at ISO 1600 […]

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