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Slant-faced Grasshopper nymph – (Acrida ungarica ssp. mediterranea)

This grasshopper is a large species with a slender and long body, with females reaching up to 8cm. Its head is elongated and has flat antennae. The livery goes from green to brown, depending on […]

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Camouflaged Grasshopper

Recently I made a trip to Etna. While I was atop one of its craters I saw something jumping and after some time I spotted this tiny grasshopper.  Its fascinating how it blends perfectly with […]

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Blue winged Grasshopper (Sphingonotus coerulans)

This grasshopper is found during the summer months.  It grows to 3.2cm in size, males usually smaller. 

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Pink Winged Grasshopper (Calliptamus barbarus)

This is a very common species of grasshopper in Malta.  The male reaches around 1.5cm  in length whereas the female reaches around 3cm.

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Egyptian Grasshopper Nymph (Anacridium aegyptium)

If I am not mistaken this is an Egyptian Grasshopper nymph, the largest grasshopper species found breeding in the Maltese islands.  The female of this species can have a body length of 7cm

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