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Red Assassin Bug (Rhinocoris erythropus)

An image I took of a Red assassin bug before it flew away.  These bugs are predatory and feed on other insects like flies and bees. 

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Striped Shield Bug (Graphosoma lineatum)

This species is very common in the Maltese islands.  Graphosoma is a genus of the Pentatomidae family. The Striped shield bug is also known as the Italian Striped-Bug and Minstrel Bug. It is often found on […]

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Green Bug Nymph

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Assassin Bug Nymph (Reduviidae)

A photo of an assassin bug nymph (Reduviidae). The ability of the nymphal instars of several species of triatomine bugs to cover their bodies with dirt or other materials by throwing fine particles on their […]

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