Choosing the best camera for macro photography

A question that I have been asking myself every now and then for the past months is "Which type of camera is the better choice when shooting macro photography?"

Here we are talking about two different types of sensors found in dSLRs.  The first one is the Full Frame sensor and the second is the APS-C sensor, the latter giving a 'cropped' image due to the smaller sensor compared to the first.

When speaking with professional photographers, there are some who tell you the bigger the sensor the better since it will result into better image quality, color depth and better ISO performance.

On the other hand however there are those who are happy to ditch the above advantages for other things like longer working distance from the subject, larger magnification (cos of the camera crop factor), greater Depth of Field and sometimes even higher FPS.

Anyone into this type of photography can share his thoughts about this subject?