Wasp eating a fly

Last summer I captured this interesting photo of a wasp eating a fly.  The moment happened when i heard a buzzing sound and actually witnessed a wasp capturing a fly in mid air.  I shot a couple of shots however since it occurred very fast one of the most interesting shots was taken without flash (since it was still recycling).  Lately I tried to fix the photo from RAW and this is what I ended up with.  May not be of good quality but personally I find it very interesting.  Thus I thought to share

Green Bottle (Lucilia)

This fly is known to lay eggs in cadaver tissue within hours after death.  The maggots of this fly are known to consume dead tissue while leaving live tissue intact thus the reason why they have been sold in maggot therapy.  The development stage of their larvae in the cadaver can be used to predict the time the death of the dead body.