Camouflaged Grasshopper

Recently I made a trip to Etna. While I was atop one of its craters I saw something jumping and after some time I spotted this tiny grasshopper.  Its fascinating how it blends perfectly with the environment.  Unfortunately I took this image with the only lens that I had on me (28-105mm).  However even though this image is nothing more than a record shot, I thought that I would still share to show the splendid world that we often take for granted. Here is a link to a website about insects found on Etna.



Mount Etna

A photograph I took while on a trip in Sicily. Shot this photo through the window of the bus while descending from Taormina. I only added some film grain and tried to leave the shot as natural as possible without editing.

Simulating a Holga

Holga effects are quite amusing.  Since I don't have one however, I gave it a try with a Holga filter i found online.  Heare are the results that I had acquired on my first dabble. This image was taken on one of my trips to Sicily.